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Dr. K. A. Ashok Pai - Eminent psychiatrist, film maker and writer was born on 30th December, 1946 is a three Times National Awardee. He is practicing as consultant Psychiatrist at his Manasa Nursing Home in Shimoga- Karnataka State for over 4 decades. His clinic Manasa has now become a household name in the State enjoying great credibility and acceptance as a very successful centre for mental health-as a curative, rehabilitation and research centre. Manasa so for has treated well over 1,75,000 patients.

After his training in India and abroad Dr. Pai opted to start MANASA in the then remote rural Malnad district of Shimoga in Karnataka. His obsession was rural psychiatry in mission - community psychiatry.

Dr. Pai has earned a niche for himself amongst the mental health professionals inside the country and abroad for his extremely potent and excellent contribution in expanding knowledge bank of the society about the mental health and also to dispel myths and superstitions regarding mental ill health. He has given talks over All India Radio and various television networks regarding mental health and above all made FEATURE FILMS with psychiatric themes for general mass awareness. Most of his BOOKS and all his FILMS have won National and State Awards and have been screened in International film festivals and film societies abroad.

He is founder Principal of “Asha-Kirana” a residential school for mentally retarded children serving the needs of such children from poor socio economic background. This project was executed with a patronage of Rotary 75th Anniversary Trust. He is Chairman of “Manasadhara”- residential rehabilitation care centre for the mentally challenged. He has won recognition for his community psychiatric work at National and International level. He is also the founder of Manasa Kirana Rehabilitation for cerebral palsy, multiple disability, autism and mental retardation.

Dr. Pai has produced THREE FEATURE FILMS in Kannada and One Hindi TELESERIAL on psychiatric themes, under the banner of Manasa Arts, a part of extended community mental health awareness programme. All these films have won national and state awards. Widely travelled abroad, interacting with mental health professionals and addressing academic bodies. Also have featured in well over 250 tele shows to popularize the concept of positive mental health ans dispel myths and superstition surrounding it.

He established Manasa Education Foundation for Mental Health (MEFFMH) for post graduate studies in Counseling and Psychotherapy recognized by the Kuvempu National University - UGC and NAAC.
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